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The Probus Club of Ewell was founded over 40 years ago and aims to attract men from business or professional backgrounds who are retired or approaching retirement and live primarily in Surrey, Outer London and the surrounding areas.

Through its regular programme of monthly luncheon meetings and social activities it aims to provide an environment where retired men can make new friends, enjoy intellectual stimulation in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Visits to attractions, which include local and west-end plays and shows, museums, stately homes, historical locations and selected restaurants, it aims to encourage wives, partners and friends to become part of the club’s wider activities.


New Members

For a taste of information rather than the current Club site which is packed with ten years of events and reports, this is the area for joining as it covers the rules, application form, and indeed the cost.

Summer and at Christmas, luncheons are arranged at a top location

 that include the wives, partners and friends of the members.


 Club Program

For the current year Club site which is packed with exciting events and super social visits, theatre trips, many photographs, images and current year's meeting reports and social optional visits for wives, partners, friends

Typical social optional visits for wives, partners, friends


Please note this Member's Computing Support Group is ONLY open to Members of the Probus Club of Ewell including partners, wives and family friends.

Allows viewing of visits over the last decade excluding the current year.

Above from a past visit or use the above left hand icon to view many from our archives.

Past Reports 

Allows viewing of all the meeting reports over the last decade excluding the current year.

Above from a past report more from same speaker here

Or use the above left hand icon to view many from our archives.


Photographic Gallery which is setup to show the individual membership of the Club.

Bruce Urquhart - Past President

ALL the Club Members are on this site not just the Committee!


For Members comments, if you wish for points of view or items that you feel are appropriate for this Probus Club of Ewell site, please send to the webmaster below, who will have editorial oversight.

Comments on Climate Change from members and speakers, such as the comments following the controversial Climate Change presentation.

JET, the Joint European Torus, is the world's largest magnetic confinement plasma physics experiment, located in Oxfordshire, UK. Based fusion research facility……more use the Icon



For Members and friends who wish to take part in the Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Probus Club of Ewell

A typical walk from one of our Special Interest groups (SIG)


The Probus Club of Ewell Secretary or the Webmaster

Pilot Sue Hunt - certainly some of our ladies are high fliers!! 

Above from an interesting visit